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Welcome to Martial Arts Carolina

We offer3 effective martial art programs TaeKwonDoAmerican Hapkido Combatives and American Arnis Concepts. When combined the result is an extremely comprehensive self defense system.

Our TaeKwonDo program - A Korean "stand up" martial art - combines traditional & artistic techniques and formwork with dynamic & highly energetic blocking, hand striking, kicking, aerial attacks, self defense techniques and free-sparring.

Our American Hapkido Combatives program was developed by PROMAA (Pacific Rim Originating Martial Arts Association). Hapkido combines hand to hand combative skills such as joint manipulation, balance disruption, and throws.

American Arnis Concepts is a synthesis of Filipino combative techniques that includes empty hand, stick and edged weapons. This is a great compliment to Martial Art Carolina’s stand up fighting and joint locking arts. Students in this class will practice with rattan sticks; aluminum training knives and padded weapons. This is a fast paced, energy intensive class. A great way to lose weight and learn self-defense - the Filipino way!

All programs teach striking, blocking & kicking, joint locking, basic ground grappling & basic weapons disarming in a safe, fun, and disciplined environment.

Please check the school's schedule for your class time.

Martial Arts Carolina is thrilled to offer a full summer camp again this year. We look forward to a summer full of adventure and learning. This summer is all about learning, laughing and visiting a ton of fun places all summer long. Attached are our calendar and a complete daily schedule so you know what’s going on every hour of our day.
Every week has a different theme so kids can explore something new all summer. Every week has some common activities such as “Assembly” every Monday & Wednesday with Friday being our weekly award day. During assembly we will say the pledge of allegiance, the martial arts tenets, this week’s important information and introduction of any new students. We will continue our good thoughts when campers can tell us some good things going on in their lives. We also have “mat chat” two or three time a week. Mat chat explores our Character Development topic of the week. Campers are broken in to their age group and have a group discussion with a camp councilor on subjects like, peer pressure, bully proofing, web safety, leadership, good manners etc.
You will find our field trips are family friendly, educational and full of fun. Over the summer we also have a ton of “in school” fun things planned. Pizza parties, water adventure, ice cream parties and cool visitors. Please join us for a great summer. Sign up now, space is limited. At Martial Arts Carolina you can book the whole summer or just a few weeks. We are here to meet your needs. See any staff member if you have any questions. See you in Camp!!!

Pil Sung

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