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Mr. Butchka's Combat Corner

Dealing With Matters of Principle
Often times we are asked our opinion as defensive art instructors how we’d react in various confrontational situations. In our zeal to demonstrate the appropriate disarming or submission techniques, we forget or de-emphasize that most of these situations are really matters of principle… no quite yet matters of life & death.

A life & death matter (ex. home invasion, car jacking, mugging, etc.) involves a relatively simple thought process (although traumatic) - survive the ordeal by any means and be thankful you are alive. A huge component in our school curriculum is conveying practical cutting-edge counter measures (ex. physical technique, awareness training, input from law enforcement personnel, etc.) to prevent or combat such a situation.

However, a matter of principle - ranging from minor infractions (ex. the neighbor’s loud music, the sports car tailgating you, someone skips in line at the movie theater, etc.) to major offenses (ex. school bullying, workplace intimidation & harassment, drunken and disorderly behavior at a ballgame, etc.) - actually requires more of a judgment call. In tandem a matter of principle if not dealt with deliberately can insidiously erode one’s positive self-worth.

Once the distinction has been made that the offender is not a terrorist, mass murderer or the like, but a “fool” who may end up causing bodily harm; (1) we must deliberately chose to ignore or refrain from participating in the matter so as not to aggravate the situation and let them ultimately reap the consequences of their folly or (2) deliberately oppose them in hopes that the intervention will better the situation and bring resolution. Consider God’s word in dealing with matters of principle: Proverbs 26:4 “Do not answer a fool according to his folly or you will be like him yourself.” Proverbs 26:5 “Answer a fool according to his folly or he will be wise in his own eyes. We are permitted (and even warned) that we will need to use both courses of action in dealing with matters of principle. However, as equally important the verses heavily imply that we are not to be passive – action of some sort is necessary. Be deliberate and be your God-given true self.

It is my hope and goal that we continue to provide a safe but challenging context to develop positive self-worth combined with teaching the best defensive tactics available to deal with “all” matters of life.

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