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A School For A Different Kind Of Artist


The life of a person can be an extraordinary adventure, full of excitement and suspense, never knowing what to expect next.  It is like being an artist.  With each inspiration, the artist learns a great deal about the world he is currently in, as well as finding his inner soul and passions.  Whether the artist is loud and full of expressions or shy and reserved, both take with them memories of a lifetime.


All the students in this room are artists.  And for whatever reasons, they decided to stop at this school.  All of them have come from different walks of life, yearning to discover the colorful ways to the art of Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido.  The first day you are handed a white belt.  A small voice and a little courage within you whisper in your ear ‘here is an opportunity to develop another part of who you really are’.  The white on that belt is like an empty canvas, and the artist, with determination, hard work, plenty of practice, slowly paints himself a path full of color.  They paint so much that the canvas finally becomes black.  This gives each student the opportunity to paint over it, all over again.

No artist can paint his masterpiece without the necessities, and this school has provided just that.  It provides a studio to practice, tools to work with, and walls to display the artwork.  It provides a place to concentrate and push towards goals. Many were drawn to the wonderful traditional ways that were being taught and practiced at this school, and soon the number of artists began to grow.

This and much more could not have been achieved without the commitment of the instructors of the school, who themselves had to paint their own canvas, and are now able to give their best teachings and love to the students.  They want nothing more than to see their novice artists grow into astounding masters of their art.


The school, the instructors, and the students are a masterpiece of its own kind.  Everyone at this school, past, present and even the future have shaped it into a success.  With its teachings, countless students now have a different outlook on life.  The future is bright, because even with twenty years of life now in the schools history, there is still a whole lot of paint to be used up.


And to think the first brush stroke was a single bow.

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