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Instructor-at-Large Butchka has partnered up with Advocare to provide nutritional education and quality product resource to the students, staff and family. This was an effort to expand our breadth of services at the school to truly benefit our students and families.

Advocare is the premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight loss, nutrition, and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity.

Check out the website at

I highly recommend these products as a great way to supplement your training overall and I have put together some bundles that I recommend based on conversations I have had with the Advocare trainers…

The Journey Begins Bundle: The 24 day challenge pack. $185

The Black Belt Test Bundle: Spark, Catalyst, O2 Gold, and Rehydrate. $112

Combat Conditioning Bundle: Spark, MNS, Catalyst, Rehydrate. $125

Combat Conditioning Light Bundle: Spark and Catalyst. $57

I need to fit back into my dobok bundle: MNS, Spark & no more donuts! $75

* All orders over $75 will receive a complimentary pack of various and suggested "add on" product to sample -- a $15 value.

You may place your order via the above website link or catch me in class and we'll see what I have in stock vs what we will need to custom order.


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