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Testing started Friday with a select group ofSix. They had a hard Task Master (Mrs. Hutchinson). She and her loyal follwers tried break the Six but to no avail. They conquered the tasks with Herculean effort and a lot of sweat on the floor.
Saturday the attention was turned to all of those fortunate to get a testing slip.Everyone did a great job with their forms, techniques and board breaks. The Six did a demo that brought the crowd to their feet. Never before had they seen such precision and speed. The cat like agility and swiftness of hands of the Six will be talked about for ages to come.


Promotion was at Martial Arts Carolina. Many awards were given out. Everyone did so well it was hard to choose but a select few were chosen. The awards and recipients are:
Awesome -Tammara Richardson, Karina Zavala, Paul Grabowski
Student- Julie Griffin
Spirit - Elisa Cox, Ethan Zeigler
Pil Sung - Lane Burdette
Congratulations to our award winners and to everyonethat passed their test.

June 2012

Testing for Black Belts started Fridaynight starting at MAC at 6:15 PM and ending at Mint Hill Park at 9:45 PM.The group now known as the Seven Samurai still had tasks that they were assigned at 11:30 PM to be finished before going to bed. Testing resumed at the park at 5:45 AM sharp. They wrapped up at the park at 7:30 AM and had to be in uniform and in line in Joonn Bi position at 8:30 AM. Regular testing started at 9:00 AM.All students did a great job on their forms and self defenses. Some made everyone hold their breath hoping that they would break their boards on that third and final break. Elisa Cox won the STAR award for having the spirit during testing that brings everyone up a level.
After regular testing completed at 11:45 AM, the Black Belts got to continue their testing for another two and half hours. Everyone got to see great techniques and the warrior souls that would not quit.

Pictures Promotion

Promotion was at Idlewild Baptist Church.Seven awards were given out at promotion. Jake Barber received the Awesome award.Kurt Romberg, Kim Romberg, Noah Romberg, Andrew Paden, andBrendan Harringtoneach received a Student award.The Pil Sung awardwas earned by Lauren Etheridge for outstanding test.Congratulations to all for their hard work and dedication that earned them their awards.

June 2009 According to my sources testing went very well with everyone demonstrating with enthusiasm the techniques, forms and self defenses they learned during the cycle. I will add pictures when they are shared with me.


Promotion was at Idlewild Baptist Church. It was nice to have enough room so everyone could see all who tested get their new belts. Four awards were given out at promotion. Holly Minich and Julia McCarthy each received an Awesome award. Yonnie Berhe and Kerrie Harney reach received a Student award. Congratulations to all for their hard work and dedication that earned them the awards.
May 2009 Pil Sung

Testing was a long day with 86 testing for their next belt rank. We had one testing for the goal we all make for ourselves 1st Degree Black. We had the highs (good forms and breaking boards) and lows (that last board didn't break). Whether they passed or not each student show us their best and well displayed the Tenets of Taekwondo and Hapkido, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit.
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